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News for the Green-Minded: What’s Happening on the Eco-Friendly Front

What’s new in the world of green living lately? Check out some of these latest developments taking place both online and off:

Looking for old-fashioned wisdom about gardening, the weather, cooking, natural cures and the environment? Chances are growing that you’re in an area with a television channel that carries Farmers’ Almanac TV. Starting with its debut on public television in April, the program can now reach about 90 percent of public television households, as well as users of and Shows are also available online via the Brightcove broadband network. This year’s season includes features about a community-based farming center in New York, a Canadian pumpkin-paddling contest, a Maine company that’s making organic root beer and a California business that’s a leading grower of orchids.

For more information, visit Farmers’ Almanac TV

The California Academy of Sciences is building a new facility that will use a wide variety of green technology to reflect the museum’s mission to “explore, explain and protect the natural world.” Scheduled to open in late 2008, the building is designed to “integrate the academy more sensitively into Golden Gate Park and make nature a part of the building’s structure.”

The new academy structure will feature a green roof, radiant floor heating, a heat recovery system, high-performance glass, reverse osmosis humidification systems, skylights, motorized windows to automatically let in cool air, a roof perimeter canopy with 60,000 solar cells, recycled steel construction, recycled blue jean insulation, 20 percent local construction materials, secure bicycle parking and an electric car recycling station. The project is one of 10 pilot, sustainable architecture projects being spearheaded by the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

To learn more about the California Academy of Sciences’ museums and the green construction project, visit the academy’s Website.

The California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences

Seeking to recreate the success of Chicago’s Green City Market, now in its eighth year, activists in Geneva, Illinois, are hoping to launch the Geneva Green Market starting this month. The market plans to offer sustainable food grown within a 200-mile radius, and expects to operate from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursdays starting June 28 through Oct. 31.

You can read news about the Geneva Green Market at

The Las Vegas World Market Center plans to launch a Living Green Pavilion this summer to highlight environmentally friendly home furnishings. Set to debut July 30 through Aug. 3, the pavilion will feature a “greenhouse gallery” to spotlight new design trends in sustainable furniture and home accessories. The pavilion is also expected to host a panel discussion on “Retail Sustainability,” with representatives from the Sustainable Furniture Council on hand to answer questions from attendees.

To find out more about the Living Green Pavilion, visit the Las Vegas World Market Center’s Website.

Living Green Pavilion

Living Green Pavilion

Greenopia, “the urban dweller’s guide to green living,” recently partnered with iVillage to provide content for the online women’s community’s iGo Green section. The new feature on iVillage will include profiles of leaders in the green living movement, a “Green Moms” blog, tips for sustainable family living, calculators and more. Greenopia currently provides green guides to businesses and more in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area.

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